10 photos that were photographed just before the disaster

Perfectly timed photography is kind of a special format, where you need a luck to capture them. The footage was taken just before or during a small disaster. Whether it’s a glass of water on your head, a fall from a swing or a motorcycle, I’m afraid none of the stories end well. These are really amazing coincidences.

Photos that were photographed just before the disaster

Falls during winter joys have one rule. It’s either spectacular or not at all. This boy wanted high marks for style, but unfortunately he landed in a different place than his glider.

This is what happens when a professional mountain bike rider says to a friend of his who goes on a bike twice a year for a beer: “It‘ s easy, just step as fast as you can.“

This photo is not suitable for a weaker character. The man may smile, but in half a second he’ll be frowning. Then he takes a beer out of the fridge and doesn’t talk to his wife for three days.

At this point, the dog has not been acted in the way that it belongs to the best friend of man. But on the contrary, by his natural playfulness, he made this boy lose his taste for the cake.

This photographer had an unexpected visitor at the time of the afternoon break.

A beautiful multicolored bird flew up to his car and offered him a song. And as the photographer himself made a funny comment: „Am I a Disney princess yet?“

This shot is really more than just a moment of a dog that hasn’t caught a frisbee. It’s a picture where the joy of life under the influence of injury fades for a moment in the air like an animated movie.

The lady in the picture is enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach, but in a moment she stop laughing.

The family wanted to try a simple experiment, but unfortunately they didn’t keep their distance.

The photograph is so good that no words are needed.

When you take a picture at the right moment, you just don’t know it.