2 Qualitites Every Good Villain Should Have

As kids, we looked up to the heroes and thought that villains are the bad ones and don’t deserve understanding. But re-watching all my childhood movies made me think. As someone with more experiences than I had when I was young, I see the villains from a different perspective. Some of them were even more likable to me than the actual heroes were. You know, how many of us will actually be so brave, kind, heroic, and honest as the main characters are? We have much more similarities with the bad guys! And let’s admit it, their lives and goals are more interesting. But what qualities should they have to be a good villain?

Many layers

Usually, the ones who got farthest were the whole movie pretending they were the hero’s friend. This way, they get to more information and can easier manipulate him since they have his trust. Also, it shows the high level of intelligence, dissimulating so well, no one will know until he shows his true colors. For example, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. She can be sophisticated and high-class and turn to the merciless psychopath right away. This way, you’ll never know what will happen next because the character is so unpredictable. And thanks to this, the movie is much more interesting.

Nothing will ever upset him and fly off the handle

The villain should have a plan and be prepared to if it doesn’t work how it should. If he wants to be successful, nothing can distract him. We all know the moments when the main character is trapped, and there’s no chance he can make it out alive, but he does, for example, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The scene where Voldemort has Harry trapped in the arms of the statue and can easily kill him. But no, he decides to set him free and have a fight, which allows Harry to take Cedric’s body and escape by using the fake Goblet of Fire. He gets confident by knowing he can end it and unconsciously gives Harry a chance to survive.