3 Benefits Of Not Being In Relationship

Having a partner seems to be something that makes you more than the single ones. I don’t understand it, because it doesn’t describe your personality. What if you’re someone who doesn’t need someone else in your life or think your lifestyle won’t be satisfactory for your partner? As I’m saying, the whole society thinks that the only way to be happy and live a full-fledged life is to find yourself a dear half. I think its a nonsense. I have many desperate and unhappy friends because of not being taken, but they’re young and don’t have to be in a relationship yet. I’m going to show you what perks being single has.

Time for yourself

The only thing you look at when you think about having a partner is the romantic side. How many nights have you been up thinking about what movies you would watch with him, the perfect date you would like him to take you, dancing together under the stars, etc. But you forgot that you’d have to give him your free time, will face a lot of different situations and lose a part of your freedom. When you’re single, you have much more time to learn about yourself.

Doing what you want to do

Being single means, you can be a little more selfish. You don’t have anyone to ask for permission or apologize for your behavior. And having time for yourself, doing what you like, tells you who you are and what values you cherish the most. It can help you in finding your partner later.

Not being stressed about your relationship

Most of us get insecure being in a relationship. Suddenly, you’re expected to be a girlfriend, and you don’t know-how. Am I doing it right? Do I look too needy? Should I text him? Ugh. Those insecurities are so unnecessary! And thanks to being single, we don’t have to deal with them. I’m not saying that being in a relationship is bad somehow, but it’s a nonsense to feel less about yourself if you’re not in one.