3 Signs Of A Classic Cliché Romantic Comedy

A lot of us have probably watched some rom-coms in our life. There are a few kinds of them, as you may have noticed. The good ones, where the story is very moving and well-written. One or two tears will drop, and it takes time until the characters find their way to each other. And then we have the classic American love story, full of unrealistic moments that only make us laugh. And now we’re going to take a look at the most typical signs of those.

The women getting a makeover and thanks to it getting beautiful

The most common one. In the beginning, we meet the main character, usually some clever but unpopular girl. The plot continues, and then she’s invited to a party/ball/date. She excitedly tells her friend, but suddenly realizes she has nothing to wear! Somehow, the perfect dress pops out of nowhere. But it won’t be whole without the makeover, right? Removing glasses usually does most of the work and changing the hairstyle the rest. And suddenly, she’s the gorgeous woman alive.