4 Dream Meanings That Can Tell You Something About You

I bet you’ve already heard many theories about what dreams mean. That it shows some memories from our past life, predicts future, or warn you before something. Well, since it’s a creation of our brain, it really can signify something. There are no proves in science that it really does, but it has been studied for a long time, and there were some similarities. Specialists say that dreams are the language of our brain that tells us something through the pictures. There are a few most common dream meanings you shouldn’t ignore.

Being lost

Probably, most of us ever had a dream about being trapped in a building with no exit. Or you got lost in the woods. It doesn’t matter where it happened because it signifies the same. In real life, you feel insecure about your future steps. It reflects your burdens you experience in real life.

Missing some opportunity

You’ve been running really fast, but you didn’t catch the train in a second. This dream shows your struggle with being later to something you really cared about. For example, your daughter had an important play, but you didn’t make it. People with remorses like that can have dreams about missing some plane, bus or taxi. Or it can be deeper. You regret not deciding to study and immediately after finishing high school getting a job. This is the regret you carry with your whole life, and the dream shows you how you still haven’t accepted it.

Car crashes

Getting in trouble in the car, such as brake failure or a flat tire, means that you feel like you have no control in your real life.

Getting a bad mark

People who dream about failing in exams don’t have to be longer in school. Their dream differ. Sometimes they just can’t find the right room, lack knowledge, or don’t have a pen. The meaning of this dream is that you feel like your life is one big test, and it makes you anxious and causes dreams like this one.