4 Meals Based On Animals From Around The World That Will Blow Your Mind

People are very different and so are their tastes. On some tropical islands, they’re capable of eating spiders, which is a thing that most of us can hardly imagine. You would normally think that they’re doing it because they don’t have anything else to eat and that in a civilized country it’s not possible. But did you know that there is a state in America where they eat fried snakes as they were eating fries? And they’re not the only one!

Maybe at first, it was because of hunger, but through the years they’ve been improving those strange-sounding meals until it became a sought-after delicacy. When l’ve been on holiday, I’ve tried those French snails. And l found out it’s actually pretty good. So let’s take a look at some of the food that despite the strange appearance are very popular.

#1 Haggis

Traditional Scottish meal containing sheep‘s viscera (heart, lungs, and liver) which is minced with some spice, onions, and stock. And the best part is that it‘s encased in an animal’s stomach. Yep, sounds disgusting to me!

#2 Guinea pig

You have probably heard about this one. It‘s hard to think of those fluffy lovely pets as food, but in South America, it’s considered as a delicious meal. And the worse is that they’re served whole. I don’t know-how with you, but l surely won’t eat something that literally looks how it looked when it was alive.

#3 Cobra heart

Okay, the name probably revealed everything and it is what you think it is. And you know the right way of eating it? They slit the cobra in front of you and place its heart (while it‘s still beating of course) in the shot full of blood and you sink it! Delicious, right?

#4 Shirako

You don‘t know anything about it, huh? Maybe it should stay this way and l’m gonna tell you why. It’s basically the milt of a male cod. It’s very popular in Japan. They say it should be a soft creamy blob of white color and it is actually pretty good. Well, still not gonna try.