5 Sleeping Positions That Say Something About Your Personality

You may know that everybody sleeps in their own way, but did you know it signifies something? It’s because we sleep in what is most comfortable for us, and as we do it unconsciously, it counts as an honest expression.

The baby

This is the most popular position to sleep in. As the picture shows, you sleep curled on a side with knees brought up to your chest in this position. It gives you a feeling of being safe, and being the favorite way to fall asleep for 41% of people shows how comfortable it is. People sleeping in this position are mostly shy, introverted, and sensitive. Deep inside, they want to be understood and sympathized with, even though they hide it.

Skydiver position

Does sleeping on the stomach, wrapped arms around the pillow, and head to one side sound familiar to you? Well, the study shows that people sleeping in this position are outgoing and playful, so good for you! Obviously, you tend to be risky, straightforward, and bold. But on the other hand, you’re very sensitive to criticism.

Sleepy soldier

The name of this position was not assigned just for nothing. People sleeping like this (on the back) have a strong personality like the right soldier. They’re also very disciplined, hard-working, and self-motivated. But it’s not as bright as it looks. Being hard-working and perfectionists seems nice, but they also tend to have high expectations against others and themselves, thanks to it.

The log

Sleeping on your side signifies an outgoing and sociable personality. Most of the time, you’re friendly and talkative. This position was also found very comfortable and the second most popular. But be aware! Anyone can use your kindness against you. Because of your trust, you tend to be naive.

One leg raised position

People sleeping like this are usually adventurous, spontaneous, and temperamental. Also, as l would say, natural-born leaders thanks to their charisma.