Aesthetics And Its Types

It was first used by philosophers in the 18th century and it means a kind of attitude or a kind of value. Everyone has a different taste, but sometimes our priorities concur. Now it usually stays for an idea of a lifestyle. It affects the way you look, your makeup, clothing, lifestyle, or even your job, dream house, and hobbies.  I’ll give you some examples.

VSCO girl

They’re usually identified by their friendship bracelet, metal straw, and passion for protecting the environment. If you don’t have an oversized T-shirt and a messy bun, don’t come to my eyes. Never take a drink in a plastic cup. Instead, bring your own! You know, #savetheturtles.


Chains, strong eyeliner, choker, black-painted nails, and looking like a Tim Burton’s character? Yes, you caught the vibe! The E even though doesn’t stay for emo, but for electronic. It’s because of their cyberpunk aesthetic.


This aesthetic is for the people that totally adore hiking. Your life is full of adventures and you relax the most while taking a nice long walk. Just you and nature. You can travel the world in a van, or sleep under the stars.


Let’s go back in time! It’s an online movement that celebrates harmony with nature and enjoys traditional forms of craft such as foraging, sewing, or pottery. An aesthetic full of picnics, herbs planted in your own garden, and living a life of Jane Austen’s characters.

Dark Academia

It revolves around classic literature and huge manors. For a look of a fan of this aesthetic, you should own some knee-high socks, blazers, turtlenecks, vintage accessories, and plaid skirts.

The colors should be dark, like navy blue, brown, or deep red.


Fascinated by magic? You’ll love this one! Key motifs are potions, crystal balls, tarot cards, brooms, owls, etc. It often involves how to perform magic or spells, and actually, it’s also really close to the cottagecore aesthetic.