Best Christmas Family Movies To Watch While Social Distancing

Yes, not being able to see your friends is maybe tough.  Or for someone loss of shopping, going to the club, whatever pops in your head. But anytime it rains, you should lookout for a rainbow. So instead of mourning about being stuck at home, try to enjoy the heck out of it. For someone, this is an opportunity on how to try new hobbies or do something he’s been putting aside. And also you get to spend more time with your family. And especially for that, I’ve prepared a list of Christmas movies you should watch. For me, it’s almost a Christmas tradition, even though we’ve seen it like a thousand times.

Love Actually

Let’s start with something classy. It’s almost a duty to see this movie at least once. I personally watch it every year. It’s a story about several different people with different life stories that are intertwined. It’s Christmas time, of course. But the whole movie is very nice and evokes the right holiday atmosphere.


The story about Grinch is very old and it already has at least three movie versions. I completely understand that some of you don’t like films that are as old as your grandmother, but l assure you that it’s a good story. Moreover, it’s been re-filmed in 2018 with Benedict Cumberbatch as Grinch. The story is about a green creature that absolutely hates Christmas. But maybe he’ll change his mind……no spoilers, of course.

Home alone

Kellin McCallister is a total icon and I never get tired of him. The movie is funny, but also heart-catching. Small Kevin is absolutely adorable and I guarantee you’ll feel so nice after watching it.

And the other depends on your interest in films. For those that are still filled with Halloween mood, I recommend watching Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s produced by Tim Burton and if you’ve ever seen any movie from his creation, you know what I’m talking about. Even though it takes a place on Christmas, it’s pretty spooky. For teenagers or rom-com lovers I recommend Let It Snow, Last Christmas, or A Christmas Prince. Maybe a bit cheesy, but c’mon, it’s Christmas time.