Easy DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Try

Christmas is a holiday full of spending money. It may not seem like it, but it’s not just the gifts. You have to buy tons of food, prepare it, and then buy a pre-made one after you blew it. And I’m not talking about the decorations. Especially in America, they’re able to spend hundreds of money on it. But I’m here to save you from losing your hard-earned money and give you some advice, how to make some cute decorations by yourself.

  1. Decorated Candle Jars

This one is pretty easy. Just cut some oranges into circles and dry. Place the candle in a glass and then arrange the orange around it. You can also experiment with other things, such as stones, sand, needles, etc. It just depends on what color you match the surrounding decorations.

2. Garland Made Of Coffee Filters

This is a good example, how you can turn the trash into something beautiful. Hanged coffee filters will look like flowers and have a neutral color, that easily match any apartment.

3. Advent Calendar As A Gingerbread Houses

Admit it, even if you’re an adult, the idea of small treats waiting for you every day until Christmas Eve is pretty exciting. And why not make it tastier? Just bake gingerbread and then build small houses from it. Cute and tasty!

4. Snowflakes Made Of Popsicle Stick

Yes, why not recycle even more. Using popsicle sticks can be fun, especially if you’re doing it with children. Just grab some glue and let’s do it! For making it even better, you can use a spray and add to it some color.

5. Spoon Christmas Tree

What can be cuter than a little tree you’ve created yourself. This decoration belongs between the most popular DIY decorations on Pinterest. It’s pretty easy and it’s made only from spoons. 

So, I hope I gave you some creative ideas and inspired you. I think, that making your own decorations makes Christmas even more Christmas-y. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones and make a cheap decoration for your home.