Funny Relatable Tweets To Set The Christmas Mood

Even though Christmas is a month away and December didn’t even start, we can see the Christmas decorations everywhere. People are fricking out, that they don’t have any presents, sellers are offering you a lot of trees, and the smell of baked gingerbread is filling our lungs. But unfortunately, Christmas kind of brings a whole new level of stress. What should I get for him, will he like it, I don’t have any presents wrapped, etc. Christmas should be holidays of peace, love, and family well-being – but according to psychologists, up to 80% of people suffer from stress or even depression. We would like to show you some relatable tweets to amuse you and reduce your holiday stress a bit.

We’ve all experienced this. And I’m afraid that I sometimes gave someone something, he didn’t like, because I couldn’t find anything good.

For cat owners, a Christmas tree placed on a stool is the worst idea ever.

And this is how the problem is solved.

Yep, having children during all the holiday stress can be pretty rough. To top it all off when they believe in Santa. Because the magical nice senior will be able to do change it, right?

Let’s be honest, we’ve never heard anything else from her but All I Want For Christmas.

Gift cards are literally the lifesaver. Yes, they can be pretty expensive, but they’ve helped us so many times, it’s worth it. There’s still a question in which shop it should be, but let’s not point that out.

Sometimes the Christmas mood is not welcomed. 

Being a parent of a little child on Christmas it’s the hardest thing. Children want presents yet they lose their interest immediately. But if they don’t get any, they would feel betrayed. It’s a vicious circle.

Hope you won’t get defeated by the stress and will enjoy the heck out of the holiday season!