Having A Crush Described In Six Stages

Having a crush is one of the most amazing, but also the most horrible things you’ll go through. It depends on which phase you are in. I’m ninety percent sure it happened to all of us. You know, meeting someone new, or just developing deeper feelings for a friend you’ve known for a long time. Sometimes it’s just an emotion you’re going to lose after some time, but it can grow into something much bigger than you’ve expected. We’ll take a look at the six stages you’ll go through if you have a crush.


This is the first time you meet them and you feel intrigued by them. For someone, it’s seeing them, for someone talking to them. But usually, you can say from the first time, they’re somehow different from the others. You feel curious and want to try to talk to them. You find them funny, interesting, and adorable. If it’s a friend you’ve known for a long time, at first you’re being like, I’m not sure, they’re just friends, my feelings are wrong. But slowly, you start to accept it.


After stage one, you slowly move to stage two. You start to check their profiles on social media, wanting to find more information about them. The braver ones even click on a follow button. You want to know if you have some common interests, see who they are. Some people just approach the person and talk about their hobbies, but for someone, it’s an unimaginable situation, so they just browse through their social media.


In this stage, you feel like the world is perfect. You feel butterflies in your stomach every time you think about him, or her. Everything seems to be amazing and you feel like you’re floating in a bubble of happiness. When they send you a text message, you feel like your day is made.


The time you start telling your friends about him. You search for advice and want them to give you their opinion. After that stage, you can either move to stage five, or head to stage six.

Falling in love

Your feelings are getting strong! Now you should really do something about it. Most of the people tell their crushes about their feelings and sometimes they even start a romantic relationship. But it doesn’t always have a happy ending…

Falling out of love

Sorry, but they just weren’t meant to be with you. And you’ve realized it too.