How To Feel Less Stressed During Isolation

Being stressed is sometimes the best way how to get things done. A little amount of stress can hype you and support your efforts. But what is too much is too much. A big amount of it can escalate into anxiety. You should never underestimate being stressed and after having some panic attacks find medical help. You can always prevent it with an easy every-day routine, which we are going to talk about.

Laughter is the best medicine

Every time you feel bad, try to watch something funny. Or just call your friend, invite her over and watch some comedy.

Focus on just one thing

Yes, we have a lot of duties and a lack of time, but if you’re not that type of a supernatural person, that can do multitasking, don’t try it. It will end up in a total disaster. You won’t be able to focus properly and doing your job will take you twice the time.


The best way to clear your mind and have a peace in your soul. You should try it with an expert first because only that way you’ll be able to fully understand it. Or if you don’t have the time, try taking a few deep breaths. I guarantee you, it helps.


Music is the best way to release your emotions and calm down. Just sing out loud, listen to your favorite songs, and enjoy moments alone. If your neighbors call the police on you for disturbing the night’s rest, explain to them it’s a healing process.

A hug

Hugging can increase a huge amount of serotonin, which is basically a hormone of happiness. But where do we find someone to hug, scientists?

Keep a diary

I know, it’s kind of cheesy, but actually writing everything down will help you clear your mind.

Take a walk

A healthy option. Well, walking in nature is the best way of thinking. Nobody will disturb you, you can just vibe. Plus, you can find some berries!