How To Learn More Effectively And Memorize More

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a high school or not, memorizing and learning stuff is still needed. I’m sure all of us have been in the situation when you wanted to prepare before an exam, but you didn’t have any time. You’ve tried reading the phrases again and again, but you couldn’t remember any of them. Usually, it’s caused because of a lack of sleep or distractions around you. Here you have some pieces of advice from the specialists on how to learn as much as possible.

Earn informations with all your senses

If you’re trying to memorize a curriculum about Worl Word First, try to read the articles about it, but also watch movies, look at some pictures, etc. By learning in more than one way, you’re most probable to keep it in your head longer.

Share your new earned informations with a friend

From my personal experience, learning in a group leads to doing everything but studying. But it’s not the rule, of course. When you have someone to practice before an exam, he can give you some practical advice, or complete your speech with information you didn’t know. This is the reason why the teacher has been giving us presentations we got to show our class. They hoped you’ll remember more because spending so much time on converting the information into your words makes it more probable to remember.

Relate new information to things you already know

You won’t have to remember so much because everything will lead to things you know and you won’t have to think about it so much.


Practical experience

The best way how to memorize stuff is by feeling it and using other senses. This is why in physics they show you the experiments first, and after that, they kill you with an unbelievable amount of formulas.

Focus on one thing

You’re a human being, not a robot. So stop multitasking and give it a rest!