Lifestyle Of A Hipster And How To Dress Like One

You’ve probably seen one, but you weren’t really sure if he is a hipster. Usually, they’re easily recognized by unusual clothes, Converse-All Stars, and specific glasses. They like what nobody wants, and are usually found in coffee houses making art. But it’s not as easy, as it seems. To be a hipster you have to fulfill some conditions.


Having good-looking clothes is in a hipster subculture very important. Your outfit should be original, and if you should pick, whether go to a shopping center or a thrift store, always choose a thrift store. Or you can just steal some clothes from your grandmother’s wardrobe. Remember the nineties and black-red flannel shirts? This will be your daily wear from now on. And never forget the skinny jeans. They are very important, and if they’re ripped, even better.


You should always wear a hat, even if it’s too warm for a hat. I recommend you a beard and some asymmetrical hairstyle. Always try to have some deep philosophical book and a cup of coffee in your hands. Be creative and show an interest in politics and culture. If you’re studying at university, you should probably pick something like environmental protection or social sciences.


What nobody knows is good. Have you heard the band you’re listening to on the radio? Stop listening to it! And CD’s are absolutely forbidden. Hipster own tons of vinyl, and always should have one in their bag. Bag, not backpack. The best genres are jazz, grunge, beat, classic, and electro.

And the last advice. Never say to a hipster, that he is a hipster. He would absolutely refuse it, or even take it as an insult. The most appreciated skills of a hipster are those, that differentiates him from others, like mental problems, allergies, or underweight. Some of them are fascinated by analogical supplies, but some of them find themselves comfortable using iPod.