Some Totally Weird Things You Can Do Professionaly And Get Paid For

People nowadays get paid for literally everything. When we were little, we kept coming out with the most ridiculous jobs, such as being a mermaid or a professional sleeper. The funny fact is you can be both. You maybe won’t have a fishtail, but you can buy yourself a fake one and go perform at birthday parties! Children are amazed, and you get money. And the same with the professional sleeper. I tis a real job. You just take a nap, and scientists will do some researches on sleep disorders. And there are more of those weird-looking jobs. So lf you still don’t know what you should do, l’ll give you some options.

  1. Deodorant tester

The job is sniffing at other people’s armpits. It‘s usually used by companies that sell perfume to see lf the new smell works. One woman got in the Guinness record book for the most sniffed feet in the world! So, you want to beat her?

2 Professional mourner

Have your family and friends keep telling you that you always cry and that you‘re way too sensitive? At this job you’ll get paid for it! All you have to do is time to time go at some stranger’s funeral and mourn with the other guests.

3. Professional pusher

If you‘re the type of person that doesn’t have a problem with being a little bit rude and you don’t mind pushing people, you’re perfect for this job. In Japan, there’s never a late train. And it’s because of pushers. They make sure that everybody reach work at time.

4. Bicycle fisher

It‘s kind of work that sounds pretty boring. You know, how many bicycles can fall into the river, it can’t be over 20 per year. Not in Amsterdam! It’s a place where everybody has a bike. So actually it’s very common that their bike drown. Last year they’ve fished out 14 000 bikes in Amsterdam. Pretty cool, right?