The Most Popular Netflix Shows

Staying at home is really tough. The amount of activities we could do before has been reduced to a minimum thanks to constant stay at home. And doing all those online meetings and stuff can be really stressful sometimes. The perfect way to relax is to lay down and enjoy quality time with Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that allows its members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device. Sadly, the membership is being paid. To be honest, in those hard times, it’s actually a very good investment. If you already are a member of Netflix, good for you. Let me show you the most popular shows according to their users.

Emily in Paris

This one was released in October 2020 and held the #1 position on the Top 10 charts. It says a story of an enthusiastic, energetic, to annoying young American girl for business sent to Paris. The culture and habits differ a lot from her home country, and in the beginning, she has trouble fitting. If she finds friends or even some love interest, you have to discover yourself because no spoilers here!

The Queen’s Gambit

The ideal show for the drama lovers! The Queen’s Gambit is mysterious, psychological, and thrilling. Even if you’re not fond of chess or don’t understand them, you’ll still enjoy the show a lot. It’s about the chess genius girl that beats the men playing against her with her intelligence and sense for strategy. You watch her life, how she was raised in an orphanage, struggled with alcoholism and medications, and was underestimated because of her gender. The whole story will draw you, and you’ll not be able to think about something else.

The Umbrella Academy

Another one from the drama side of Netflix. The story of a group with magical powers trying to save the world. Sounds like the Avengers to you? Maybe a bit, but with much more drama and a bit dark atmosphere.