Things That Make Us Tired And Exhausted Without You Knowing It

 After a week full of stress and meetings you just want to take a long nap and refill the batteries. But after ten hours of sleep you realize that even though you got a lot of sleep, you don’t feel fresh at all. How’s that? Well, it doesn’t depend on sleep only. There are a lot of actions that can affect your amount of energy. Like the little habits, you don’t even know about.


Staying awake hours after you wanted to go to sleep, thinking about things you could do better. This way, you’ll never feel relaxed. You need to take it the easy way, try to let things go. You can’t change what happened in the past, so it would be nonsense if you’ll stress yourself out because of it. Try to live more in a moment and don’t forget that the thing you did wrong, nobody probably remembers now.

Eating junk food

Even though it contains a huge amount of sugar and energy, having a poor diet can make you feel tired. Your stomach is heavy and it’ll take more time to process it. After all, you can talk out of your experiences. You’ve surely eaten a salad and you’ve surely eaten a KFC bucket. What made you feel better? After eating all the chicken legs, you probably just lay down and needed few hours to process it. But I’m sure that after the salad, you still had some room for another food, so you could go and do things right away.

Being a pessimist

Being a pessimist has some negatives. The studies have shown that optimists regulate their nervous system much better than pessimists do. If you’re the type of person that just keeps looking for the stuff you can complain about, how could you be happy? You need to appreciate the little things and be more satisfied with what has been given to you.

For example, try to look at the breakup as the opportunity to meet new people, not cry about that nobody loves you.