Things You Should Look Out For In Your Relationship

Love is and always was very hard to understand. Even the normally wise and mature people do crazy things while being blinded by this feeling. You’ve probably experienced it when your friend was so overwhelmed by some guy and kept talking about him for hours. You personally thought it was a jerk and tried to change your friend’s mind, but she was so deeply in love she just couldn’t see it. People act different and can be easily tricked by anything because they didn’t see it coming. Here are a few things that may don’t seem harmful at the beginning, but eventually can cause a lot of damage. For your information, the article is very general and you can have a healthy nice relationship even while struggling with those.

You never seem to disagree about anything

Well, it sounds nice never having a fight or getting into an argument. But it’s just your imagination. In reality, it’s impossible, because everyone is different. It means you have to disagree about anything. And if you never do, it’s probably because they lie to you. They want to please you and are afraid of showing their true selves. And being in a relationship with masks doesn’t make sense. We usually are in a relationship because we want someone to love us the way we are, not some coward.

Keeping too much privacy and not sharing emotions

It’s good to have some space for yourself, but enough is enough. Your partner is someone you can share everything with. Or almost everything. If they can’t open up with you, share their feelings, or not telling you anything about themselves, you should consider being in a relationship with them.

Your relationship is not in their priorities

Does ever happened to you that they cancel your date at the last minute, text, or call while being with you, or don’t have time for you? Well, I’m sad to disappoint you, but obviously, being in a serious relationship is something they’re not ready for.