TikTok Ideas On Christmas Presents For Your Close Ones

It’s the worst time of the year for your relationships. It shows, how well you know the person you’re buying the gift for. One wrong choice and your friendship is ruined. And this is the better option. It can also happen that you pick something with a price you think your friend will cost the present for you, but oh god. He gets you something far more expensive and nicer! The awkward silence between you and him is almost touchable. Then you have reproofs, feel awful, etc. I think we’ve all been through this before. But how we can avoid those situations? Here you have some universal ideas on presents you can use. Not guaranteeing you a hundred percent success, but they’re the most recommended ones.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

On TikTok, everybody makes them. It’s actually pretty easy and food never disappoints anyone, unless they’re not normal.

You just take some ice cube forms (the round ones are the best) and pour some chocolate inside. Make sure it covers the whole space.

After a few hours in a refrigerator, take it out and heat the pan. Melt the edge a little bit and press it against another one.

In the other one, you’ve already prepared some hot chocolate stuff (sprinkles, cocoa powder, marshmallows, etc.). Whatever you like. And then press them against each other and wait until it solidifies.

And voilá! Easy and yummy!

Milk Frother

I feel like the only reason we’re paying for the over-prized coffees is their looks. You feel like it’s worthed the money when it has cream, sprinkles, chocolate topping, and it’s served in a nice-looking glass with a biscuit. But this got to stop! You can make it cheaper at home. And this tool will help you. You just pour some milk in a cup and whip it. The result will be a thick creamy top that will give your homemade latte the right look.

And if you want to see more TikTok inspired gifts, just search for #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.