Trends On TikTok For Year 2020

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this app, but I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it. It’s a kind of a platform, where you can make videos and watch the videos of others. It’s made for basically everyone because the videos are very diverse. You can find there lifestyle videos, funny memes, some tips for beginners at everything, inside jokes, or cosplays. But some things are more popular than the other. And because the year 2020 is almost over (finally), let’s have some review of trends that were accompanying us through.

Random things in people’s homes that just make sense

People were in the videos showing some weird things in their houses. For example, a window that was between two rooms, secret hallways, or cool views. The hashtag #RandomThings has about 6,4 billion views. It all started with a young lady living in a Japanese house, where some things were different from the European one. Her series saying about weird stuff there encouraged her followers to do the same thing.


Even though Harry Potter was filmed a long time ago, on TikTok it was a very popular theme. A lot of content creators were doing HP cosplays, outfits inspired by the movie characters, filming unpackaging orders with stuff related to the book, and also trying to imitate Draco Malfoy. Sorry J. K. Rowling, if you wanted to make Draco Malfoy a villain that would be hated by the readers, you shouldn’t have made him so hot. There are so many videos of people trying to say Malfoy’s iconic Pottah, dressing like him, or drawing his face.

There’s much more, but it will take us eons to read it all. I would like to mention a pirate trend at least. It appears a lot on FYP of bisexuals. It even comes with a nickname birate Tiktok.

Somehow, they find girls dressing as pirates extremely attractive. To be honest, it kind of sends sassy hot vibes.