How to be a VSCO Girl.

A new trend has emerged on the Internet and is spreading rapidly on Instagram and TikTok. Subculture of girls called VSCO girls is becoming increasingly popular. VSCO is meant to be a carefree lifestyle on the beach and to evoke happines and laughter. The phenomenon, which seems to attract the attention of a large number of female audiences, is taking on more and more Z-generation fans. You can be a VSCO girl you just need know how to do it.

VSCO girl’s trademarks

Every VSCO girls wears an oversized T-shirt, scrunchie on her wrist, vans shoes, kanken, Birkenstock slippers, Hydroflask (water bottle for multiple uses) and a seashell necklace.

They also like crocs and they spread very spirited ideas over the Internet, have loose hair, wear expensive clothes, mostly from known brands, paint their nails with pastel paint.